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As stated, Randy Mortensen’s journey from addiction to sobriety serves as a truly inspiring narrative. His book, titled “God Took Me to Las Vegas…to Get Sober,” provides hope to individuals grappling with addiction. Randy’s bravery in recounting his challenges and victories establishes him as a beacon of resilience. Get a copy today…

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Randy Mortensen’s “God Took Me to Las Vegas…To Get Sober” is a powerful narrative that explores the journey of recovery through the lens of faith. Mortensen’s memoir is a captivating account of his personal battle with addiction, set against the unlikely backdrop of Las Vegas. Through his story, readers are given a raw and honest look into the struggles of overcoming addiction, underscored by the profound impact of spiritual faith. This book goes beyond a mere personal account; it serves as a guiding light for those navigating the difficult path towards sobriety. 


Mortensen’s reflections on faith, combined with practical advice and heartfelt encouragement, make this memoir a unique and invaluable resource for anyone seeking solace and strength in their recovery journey. By sharing his story, Mortensen aims to inspire others to believe in the possibility of change and to embrace faith as a cornerstone of their recovery. This book is a vivid testament to the fact that even in the most unexpected places, faith can lead to profound transformation and a renewed sense of purpose.

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Randy Mortensen, your journey from addiction to sobriety is truly inspiring. Your book, “God Took Me to Las Vegas…to Get Sober,” offers hope to those battling addiction. Your courage in sharing your struggles and triumphs makes you a beacon of resilience. Through your words, you’ve become an inspiration for countless individuals seeking recovery. Your story exemplifies the power of faith and determination. Thank you for making a difference and showing that recovery is possible. Keep shining your light and inspiring others on their journey to sobriety.


From: Randy Grimes, A ten-year veteran of the NFL (National Football League), because of his injuries Randy is now in recovery from a pain pill addiction, and recovery is his playback today. He’s the author of “Off Center: A Memoir of Addiction, Recovery, and Redemption in Professional Football”. Randy is a keynote speaker and works with his wife, Lydia, doing drug and alcohol interventions for professional athletes, celebrities, and business leaders.

Randy, working with you in Haiti, building a house for Mama Josette with your World-Wide Village team, was rewarding and fulfilling. Your work is a reminder that we all have the capacity to rise above adversity, find healing, and make a difference in the lives of others. Keep shining your light and offering hope through your powerful words and story of recovery.


From: Bill Rancic, renowned as the inaugural victor of Donald Trump’s reality TV phenomenon “The Apprentice,” is a multifaceted American entrepreneur, television personality, author, and keynote speaker. Following his triumph on the show, he seamlessly transitioned into a diverse career encompassing television stardom, entrepreneurial endeavors spanning real estate development and restaurants, motivational speaking engagements, and media appearances. Notably, Rancic’s contributions extend beyond the business realm; he’s a dedicated philanthropist and the author of acclaimed books such as “You’re Hired: How to Succeed in Business and Life” and the compelling novel “First Light: A Novel.”

Just as I emphasize the importance of sharing the good news of Jesus with others, your book serves as a powerful testimony to the life-changing impact of spiritual awakening and sobriety. Your participation in our evangelism training courses over the past two decades has been a clear indication of how you inspire others who may be facing life-altering challenges to seek healing, hope, and a renewed sense of purpose that only Jesus can deliver.


From: Mark Mittelberg is a distinguished best-selling author, esteemed international speaker, and foremost strategist in evangelism and apologetics-driven outreach. He serves as the executive director of the esteemed Lee Strobel Center for Evangelism and Applied Apologetics at Colorado Christian University. Mark’s significant contributions include being the principal author of the widely acclaimed “Becoming a Contagious Christian” training course, touching the lives of nearly two million individuals worldwide through translation into 20 languages. His most recent endeavor, the groundbreaking “Contagious Faith” book and accompanying video training course, offers invaluable guidance to believers seeking to effectively share the transformative message of Jesus Christ.