Who is Randy Mortensen?

Meet Randy Mortensen

My name is Randy Mortensen. I guide talented individuals whose drive has led them toward destructive behaviors. I facilitate an 8-week cohort, guiding members toward True Significance: Success AND Sustainable Living. You can have both.

Your driven personality is driving you to self-medication – regardless of its form – and it’s catching up to you. You look like a winner on the outside – position, power, highly compensated – but inside you know it’s all starting to crumble. You are no longer able to hide behind the mask of success. Those surrounding you – family, friends, colleagues – are starting to see through this facade. Fear begins to set in. In your quieter moments, you may ask,

“is there hope for someone like me?”

There is hope! I’ve been there! In my mid-twenties I had the cars, a new house, exotic travel, country club membership, and all the benefits that come with a multi six-figure income. Everything seemed amazing.


However, it was all catching up to me.


Simultaneous to my success the darker side of my driven personality had already destroyed two marriages, wrecked lives, ruined friendships, and more. I was now on my third marriage, knowing it too was doomed for failure – unless something changed.


My business life was wildly successful, but my personal life was a train wreck.


However, there was a radical transformation. I now stand before you as a man who has harnessed my driven tendencies toward a life of contentment and significance.


I have recently celebrated 33 years of sobriety. I became a VP of a $ 60 billion gas and electric utility, while sober and whole.


I founded a faith-based recovery program, that weekly is serving over 900+ individuals, at seven locations. Since 2005 that program has come alongside over 24,000 individuals, guiding them on a path toward happiness and fulfillment. Those served are guys and gals struggling with some sort of compulsive and destructive behaviors, plus our programs also serve their loved ones – parents, spouses, and siblings.


It is from these experiences that I have dedicated this season of my life toward a sustainable and replicable plan for people, battling similar issues.


After a personalized onboarding process, qualified members are invited to join the Lifestyle Champion Program. The Lifestyle Champion Program is an intensive 8-week cohort guiding members through a proven path toward sustainable living and extraordinary achievement.


These 90-minute group sessions allow for openness, transparency and accountability.


We provide you more than a plan. This is not a quick fix. We guide you toward a sustainable lifestyle, allowing you to have victory in all areas of your life, not just a few.


Your path toward freedom begins with a no-risk, personal conversation. This assessment provides me vital information about you, your story, and if you are a good fit for the Lifestyle Champion Cohort.


If you are not ready for a call today, I encourage you to take our free 21-point self-assessment to discover if it is time for you or for a loved one to take action.


Join us today and gain the tools needed to leverage your drive without destroying relationships, careers and pushing yourself toward destruction.


If you continue to do what you have always done, you will likely preclude yourself from achieving your life goals. No one wants to reach the end of their life, having climbed to the top of the ladder, only to realize the ladder was placed against the wrong wall. A life filled with regrets. Join others who are no longer determined to win no matter the cost. You have been transformed into someone who counts the cost and chooses to win doing things that matter most, a life of significance.


“You look like a winner on the outside – position, power, highly compensated – but inside you know it’s all starting to crumble.”

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